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Markus Lind
Markus Lind
Cannot say enough good about every aspect of this business. When moving out, there were never any issues in terms of tackling every task from taking down and apart furniture to help with wrapping and packing. When moving in (20 day gap) everything was organised with calls confirming everything was on track and verifying that I had access to my new property. The moving in itself was very quick, despite the huge volume of boxes and furniture. From start to finish, everything went smooth, with great communication with the movers and the head office. Highly and strongly recommend!
James Cossons
James Cossons
Cannot recommend this company enough. A move from West Sussex in to London with limited parking options was made light work by the entire team. Items of furniture and my mattress were wrapped and packed perfectly to avoid any damage. Professional, friendly and quite a good laugh made my move relaxed and stress free. Thank so so much to you all!
Julien Lannelongue
Julien Lannelongue
If I could I would add 6 stars ! all was perfect, staff, booking, services ! definitaly recommand
Toby Hunt
Toby Hunt
Could not recommend highly enough. Staff were all amazing - so helpful and cheerful. I hope that we do not have to move again any time soon, but if we do, would certainly use VP again. Thank you guys!
Lunel van Zijl
Lunel van Zijl
Moving can be very stressful - but not with this team! After being referred by a friend, I was really impressed with the team who packed and moved me - the team was incredibly professional and worked hard to ensure that my belongings are handled in the same way I would. Thank you team, while I dislike moving, I look forward to using you again!
Georgina U
Georgina U
I used their removal service today. Absolutely great. The team was quick, cheerful, accommodating and totally professional. The best company ever. Keep it up. Thank you so much for the service. Loved it
David R
David R
An excellent removal company. Responsive and helpful pre-sale support.On the day removal. Very friendly and accommodating removal men. Couldn't have gone smoother or better.Highly recommend

What We Offer

VP Smart Removals is a trustworthy removals and storage company based in West London. For years now, our movers and packers have been providing the community with assistance for local and long-distance moves, relocations, commercial moves, packing materials ,storage solutions ,packing materials and more. With us by your side, you can be sure your needs will be met on time and in an efficient manner.So that you can focus on more important things .


  I want to book an hourly rate service, but how do I know how long the move will take?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula that can calculate precisely to the minute how long it will take to complete your service. This is because each move is based on a mix of different components and that is what makes it highly individual. Imagine you are cooking – with the same ingredients you can prepare so many different unique dishes. It is the same with our job too.

Some elements/factors can have a significant impact on the duration of work, such as:

-#1# The volume of furniture and belongings to be moved. The correlation between the volume of items to be moved and the duration of the service is directly proportional. The larger the volume of things you take with you, the longer it will take to move.

HINT: Try to declutter and leave as much as you can behind. If you are moving on a long distance, in some cases it might be worth to sell the old furniture and with that money and the money you save from the transportation, you can buy new one.

-#2# –  How will your furniture and belongings be packed?

When it comes time to pack, we humans get pretty resourceful. We put into use all kinds of bags, boxes of all sizes, plastic containers and crates, etc. In reality, the use of multiple boxes of different sizes and irregularly shaped bags can greatly complicate their safe stacking and organasing the van space, which would again increase the duration of the move.  Sometimes having a large number of irregular shaped furniture and bags/boxes would not allow us to use the full capacity of the van and a second load may be needed and that of course would increase the total duration of the service.

HINT: Check if any of your friends moved recently. Perhaps, they will have some spare boxes to share with you. Also, check and ask in the local groups or online platforms for used boxes and packing materials. You will be surprised what can be found there.

-#3#-Features and specifications of the property you are moving from and to.

It is extremely important, when you want a quote for moving, to give the consultant as much detailed information as you can. Whether you are moving from a house or flat , it is significant for us to know how many floors is the house or if it is a flat then what floor is it on, is there a lift and how big is it. What is the distance from the flat door to the lift and from the lift to the designated parking space. If there are stairs and corridors, are they wide enough for all the furniture to pass through there? If you have not provided complete information, then you risk misleading your consultant and receiving an offer that will not fully meet your needs, which will complicate the implementation and may significantly extend the duration of the service. For example, there is no parking available right outside the property and the nearest parking space is a 100m down the road. Having such a long distance would always require a team of 3 movers , but if we are not alerted about that and we send you only team of 2 men instead, this would add a few hours extra to your bill.

HINT: It is always helpful to take a short video showing the walking path from the entrance of the property to the designated parking space. It is also worth to speak to the property management and check if they would have any instructions and guidelines about the parking, lifts, etc.

-#4#-  Assembling and disassembling furniture.

There are furniture of all styles and ages. Depending on the design of the furniture it can be quite simple or high complicated job to dismantle or reassemble it. For example, an ordinary wardrobe would require 30 minutes to 1 hours for dismantling and reassembling, but if it’s a wardrobe with sliding doors, then it can take 3 hours or even longer. The good news is our movers and packers  are skilled, experiences and always prepared to assist you with that job.

HINT: When speaking with your removal consultant make sure you point all the furniture that would require help with dismantling and reassembling.

-#5# – Moving to storage.

It is commonly mistaken that because moving to storage doesn’t require reassembling of furniture, the service will be quick and simple. The truth is some storage facilities are huge and there are long corridors, waiting for the lift and most importantly – “the puzzle”. In comparison with a moving to a house or to a flat, where would be a plenty of space for unloading boxes, furniture, appliances etc., when moving to storage, we are limited to the size of the storage unit. That means we have to unload everything and reorganise it into the storage cell, making sure everything is at the right place and nothing is left outside. Also, moving to storage may require extra packing and protection.

HINT: If possible, go to the storage at least a day prior the moving and make sure you have signed the contract and have access codes. Any additional information regarding the location of the storage cell (like corridors, floors, size etc.) please share it with us. If you are not sure what size of storage you need, ask your removal consultant.

Don’t forget to label the boxes and items, that you want to have an easy access to and let the team know it.

Don’t forget that your removal consultant is your friend and is always ready to help you and answer all your questions.


House moves

Moving from one home to another can be stressful. Do not go through this all by yourself. Have one of our moving experts and his team of skilful movers & packers get the job done for you. Our team will be at the pick up address at the requested day and time and will take care of the whole process. The team will  also help with dismantle and assemble of the stuff you need to be. Our movers will put in place all furniture and other items exactly where you want them to be.Our home moving services are designed to give you peace of mind.

Packaging & Unpacking

Make sure all your belongings are securely packed and ready to be transferred, put a label on each box . Our movers & packers can do that for you if you don’t want to waste your time . They will come to help you sort all your items and get them ready for the actual moving. Once you have been relocated, we can also help with the unpacking process , depending on  your needs. 

Commercial Moves

Office relocations are complex and require expertise. At VP Smart Removals, each one of us has a specific and clear function. We have skilled movers as well as professional coordinators who work hard to make sure your business is ready to be up and running immediately after the move.

Box delivery

Besides packing services, we also provide box deliveries. You should not worry if you do not have all the necessary packing materials. We will supply you with these. We have boxes in various sizes and provide them in advance or on the day of the move.

Why Choose Us

Licensed & Insured

We have been working in the London area for years now, doing hundreds of jobs, both big and small. Our business is being recognised as a leading one, not only because we are licensed and insured, but also because we are committed to exceeding expectations.

Professional Vehicles & Drivers

Our fleet consists of well-maintained lorries and vans that are operated by qualified drivers who know the London area like the back of their hands.

All Vans are equipped with removal blankets, tools trolleys and GPS systems.

Affordable, Honest, Experienced

Our honesty and commitment to excellence have earned us the trust of everyone we had the chance to work with. Our affordable rates and reasonable quotes are a perk many enjoy. And the fact that we have experience in jobs of all levels of difficulty gives the client peace of mind knowing that the job will be done in a safe manner.

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