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Prices for removals in London

The average removal cost can vary depending on many details, from the size of your property to the distance to your new place. Complex challenges like stairs or oversized items can add to the cost.

At VP Smart Removals, we understand that cost is a major consideration when choosing a removal company. However, everyone has unique needs, so the cost is rarely the same from one job to the next.

Here is a detailed look at the typical removal prices in London to better understand what to expect.


How Much Does a Removal Company Cost?

VP Smart Removals offers simple hourly fees. The cost varies from £72 per hour for one man with a van to £162 per hour for four men with two vans.
Removal prices are based on several factors, including:

  • Size/volume
  • Distance
  • Day of the week
  • Ease of access
  • Additional services

These factors help determine the hourly fee. Taxes are included in the quotes. There are also typically minimum charges, such as a three-hour minimum for standard removals and a four-hour minimum for reductions requiring at least three movers.



Removal and storage costs depend largely on how many items you need to transport or store. A family with a full house will likely require more space than a single person living in a small flat. One man with a van can only carry so much.

The price of one man with a van on Monday through Thursday starts at £72 per hour. The cost for two men with a van starts from £90 per hour, and for three men with a van starts from £108 per hour.


The distance between your current location and your new one is important when determining removal van costs.

The costs are often calculated using an hourly fee. The distance increases the duration of the trip, which adds to the price.

For example, you are likely to pay more when arranging to transport items outside of London. A three-hour trip costs more than a half-hour ride across town. Removal companies may also charge a premium for moves over a distance, such as long-distance moves outside the UK.

Day of the Week

Removals cost less on certain days of the week. You can typically expect to pay more when moving on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, as these are premium time slots. The roads are also often busier, impacting travel times and other logistical details.

Ease of Access

Removal companies’ prices often include charges for situations involving added challenges, such as stairs or handling large items.

For example, stairs present an additional hazard when moving items, especially large ones, which can incur additional charges.

Some items may also require special handling, such as large pieces of furniture that require hoisting out of a window. In these cases, a removal company may include a hoisting charge.

Additional Services

Removals typically involve more than just loading items into a van and transporting them to a new destination. You may also require some of the following services:

  • Packaging and unpacking
  • Packaging materials
  • Furniture disassembly/reassembly
  • Storage solutions

At VP Smart Removals, we can handle every step of the moving process, including packing your items. Packaging and unpacking services add to the cost of your removal. However, they also ensure that your items are protected during the journey, as we use the best packing techniques and materials to safeguard against damage.

If you pack the items yourself, you may still need packaging materials. For an added fee, we can deliver the boxes, bubble wrap, and other items needed before the day of the move to ensure that you have time to pack up.

Some clients need help disassembling and reassembling large pieces of furniture. We can accommodate these requests for an added charge, depending on the situation.
You may need to store a few items along with transporting items to your new home or office. Storage and removals cost can vary based on size.

You can expect to spend more on storage if you need to store a large volume of items. Storage costs also depend on the duration of the service. Short-term storage and long-term storage often include different monthly terms.

How to Get the Best London Removals Prices

If you want the lowest removal van prices, contact the experts at VP Smart Removals. We have years of experience with residential and commercial removals in London and beyond.
No matter the size of your removal needs, you can rely on us for the best value. We have upfront prices without hidden fees or charges. There are no surprises.

The bottom line is that London removal companies’ prices vary depending on the details of your move. The more information you provide, the more accurate the quote.

Moving costs should be something that only eats away some of your savings. We offer efficiency at a very fair price. Check out below how competitive our rates are!

Contact us to discuss your residential or commercial removal needs and receive a free, no-obligation quote.

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Removal Prices Starting At…

We bill clients by the hour. You can choose between a few options, including having a single mover, a team of movers just to help you pack and unpack, and more.

Prices Monday – Thursday

1 Man with a Van


2 Men with a Van


3 Men with a Van


3 Men with 2 Vans


4 Men with 2 Vans

£15/h per technician

Stair Charge

from £240*

Hoisting Charge
*charge depends on the number of items that need to be hoisted and the floor

Prices Fri, Sat, Sun

1 Man with a Van


2 Men with a Van


3 Men with a Van


3 Men with 2 Vans


4 Men with 2 Vans

£15/h per technician

Stair Charge

from £240*

Hoisting Charge
*charge depends on the number of items that need to be hoisted and the floor

  • All taxes included
  • There is a 3 hour minimum on all jobs. After the 3 hours, rates will be charged in half-hour increments.
  • For all jobs that require 3 men, the minimum charge is 4 hours.
  • VPSmartServices LTD. has a public and employer’s liability insurance. We have a ‘Goods In transit’ insurance policy – in our hands, your goods are covered up to £50 000.
  • For fixed quotations, we reserve the right to charge additional half-hourly increments.
  • The customer accepts and understands that poor service, breakage or damage must be reported straight after completion of the job. Failure to do so will invalidate the claim. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewellery and items of sentimental value.
  • The company cannot accept responsibility for any accidental damages caused by our movers if the customer has an unpaid balance owed to VPSmartServices LTD.
  • By using our site and services, contacting us by phone, e-mail or any other way, you agree with our “Terms and Conditions”
  • Congestion/ULEZ charge To cover the fees incurred by travelling in the Congestion/ULEZ Charge Zone, there will be an additional charge of £15.00 for the Congestion charge and £12.50 for the ULEZ charge where applicable for pick ups or drop offs in these areas.
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