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When it comes to arranging a removals  company in London , there are several crucial factors to consider. Moving house can quickly become overwhelming without the help of professional companies, who guide you through the process with honesty and expertise. However, as someone about to relocate, you play an important role too. While you may not have to lift a finger for everything, there are certain aspects that require careful consideration well in advance. One such aspect is booking a parking space.

Why is parking space so vital for a successful removal? When it comes to moving house, parking space is a temporary necessity. It’s not like reserving a permanent parking spot for your car after work. For a professional removal company, the man with a van needs a suitable location to park on the big day. It’s important to note that the van is a larger vehicle designed to accommodate all your belongings. Hence, a standard parking space may not be sufficient.

Moreover, the process of loading your baggage is not a quick task. Experienced technicians understand the importance of strategically arranging boxes and personal belongings to ensure a smooth transition. In other words, hoping the van won’t block your local street for a few minutes is not a viable option. To avoid any inconveniences, reserving a dedicated parking space becomes essential.

By securing a parking space, you provide the removal company with the convenience and accessibility they require to efficiently transport your belongings. It’s a small yet significant step towards ensuring a hassle-free and seamless moving experience.

London movers moving packed furniture and belongings into storage

Who’s responsible for the parking space reservation?

Many British people, who have never experienced a removal before, believe that the man with a van is supposed to deal with the parking space reservation. However, this is a myth that might destroy your entire organisation. The moving house company is not responsible for booking the parking space. It is your responsibility. It is crucial to know this in advance so you will have enough time to arrange this question.

Speaking of which, note that not a single or most companies deny dealing with this matter. Almost all removal teams don’t assist with the parking space. It is because the concrete case is always individual depending on factors such as where you live, the layout of your street, how many cars are usually parked around your house, etc.

Can I rely on my neighbours for the parking space?

It is the most favourable alternative you have. If there is any chance for you to arrange the question with the neighbours, don’t hesitate to do so. In this case, you will be discharged to pay anything. You will also have no obligation to speak with the council authorities or hire a private company for parking space reservations.

Make sure to figure out whether you can get along with the neighbours in advance. Discuss with them your plans. Provide them with all the details about the entire organisation – concrete date and period of the day when you will need the parking space, etc.

What is parking bay suspension?

Sometimes, we are not blessed to live with such helpful neighbours, and we should deal with the parking space situation differently. It is a must when there’s no big enough parking space that the neighbours can offer you for the van. The good news is that you have at your disposal another option. It is called parking suspension. This service is private and paid, yet efficient enough for you to arrange the removal process and mostly – eliminate the risk of getting penalty fees from the local authorities. You can also get a parking bay suspension through your local council. Applying for parking bay suspension in your local area is very easy in both cases.

Find the available options for such a service in your home town online. Make contact and make the reservation as many days in advance as possible. You will be explained how much you owe and what the conditions for the service are by the local kind consultants. When everything is arranged, call your removal company to inform them that the parking space reservation has been made. How many parking spaces do I need to book? It’s very awkward yet common for people to forget that they move out from one property to another. It means that you should make a parking space reservation not once but twice. In other words, you need to book the same service for the location where you move to.

The good thing is that the process is the same. Yet, sometimes it is tough to get along with the new neighbours as you don’t know them yet. In this case, you might need to book a parking space in your next home place area. We strongly recommend you deal with the two reservations at the same time. It guarantees that you have fully discharged your duties regarding the moving day. And the rest is left for your helpers from the professional removal company. VP Smart Removals indeed does not provide any assistance for the parking space reservation. If you want to rely on our top-notched services, you must deal with this duty alone. Yet, we remind you that we are by your side for anything else regarding your removal.

VP Smart Removals
VP Smart Removals

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