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Fixed price or hourly rate for removals?

Enlisting the services of proficient movers, whether for a basic relocation or one that encompasses an array of supplementary features, frequently entails an hourly or even half-hourly payment structure. This approach offers a potential cost advantage should the movers efficiently complete the task, potentially resulting in significant savings. Nonetheless, this compensation model lacks a tangible incentive for the movers to hasten their work if a slower pace garners higher remuneration. This difficulty underscores the persistent challenge of moving companies that exceed their initially quoted prices. Furthermore, unforeseen glitches or impediments arising during the process can lead to delays and deplete your financial resources.

Diverging from the norm, VP Smart Removals has embraced a fixed-rate paradigm, distinguishing itself. The fixed rates are meticulously devised after a thorough assessment, which gauges the volume of furniture requiring relocation and the ensuing distance it must traverse. Moreover, these rates thoughtfully incorporate additional services you might opt for, including packing/unpacking services and professional cleaning.

Fixed price removals

Opting for a fixed rate entails a singular, unchanging cost encapsulating your entire moving endeavour.

The merits of a fixed price arrangement are as follows:

  1. Protection from overtime costs: The risk of additional charges due to extended work hours during your move is nullified. You’re shielded from the uncertainty of fluctuating hourly charges.
  2. Suitability for complex moves: Particularly applicable for substantial inventories or international relocations, where the potential for supplementary expenses heightens due to duration and increased vulnerability to damage. In such intricate scenarios, a fixed price for removals emerges as the pragmatic choice, transcending the confines of hourly rates.
  3. Cost Transparency: Navigating through your move is devoid of unwelcome financial surprises. Unanticipated requirements, like the sudden need for a moving lift, won’t result in unexpected expenditures.
  4. Stress Alleviation: The assurance of a meticulously calculated fixed price eases your mind, fostering a smoother transition sans apprehensions about unforeseen costs.

However, the flip side includes:


  1. The margin for Precautionary Estimations: Given that moving companies account for potential extra expenses and the prospect of extended work hours, the projected duration of the move is invariably somewhat elongated. Consequently, the ultimate cost of a fixed rate move is slightly higher.
  2. Potential Overpayment: When a moving company determines a fixed price, there’s a possibility of paying more than necessary. To mitigate this, it’s prudent to assess your specific needs and capabilities during the move keenly. Identifying what tasks you can undertake yourself can translate to notable cost savings.
VP Smart Removals
VP Smart Removals

Hourly rate removals

Opting for an hourly-rate payment arrangement with a moving company entails calculating the product of the hourly rate and the duration of your move in hours, yielding the final price for your relocation.

The merits of an hourly rate structure encompass the following:

  1. Precision Payment: Your financial commitment aligns precisely with the actual time consumed for the relocation. It allows for potential savings if the move concludes in less time than anticipated.
  2. Economical Choice: Unlike a fixed-rate setup, where the cost tends to include precautionary estimations, an hourly rate often translates to a more cost-effective option. Fixed-rate pricing encompasses a safety net for possible overtime or other contingencies, potentially inflating the overall cost.
  3. Optimal for Small Moves: An hourly-rate pricing model is economically advantageous for moves encompassing modest inventories and carrying lower risk factors for additional expenses.

However, there are certain drawbacks:

  1. Extended Time Consequences: Should the move’s duration exceed your expectations, for various reasons, the overall cost will proportionally increase, leading to an item of potentially higher expenditure.
  2. Unforeseen Facilities Expenses: The need for unpredictable services or facilities from the moving company can introduce unexpected costs to your move. It can result in a final bill surpassing your initial projections.

In essence, while an hourly-rate payment structure offers flexibility and potential cost savings, it does expose you to the risks associated with a move extending beyond your initial time estimation and the possibility of unforeseen expenses.

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