VP Smart LondonTop 10 tips how to safe money when moving Home in London ?


Whether this is your first move after many years living with your parents somewhere in the world, whether you’ve been renting for many years somewhere else in the world, whether it’s another home you’re changing – it doesn’t matter. It’s time to learn a few slick and cunning tips that will make moving I’ve a new home, no matter which part of the world you find easier for both you and family members. It is good to keep in mind the following tips especially when you decide to move from city to city, if you decide to change the neighbourhood even or plan to move to another country.

Professional movers

The professionals movers can offer you professional relocation of a home and a seamless change of residence and transportation from one another place. If you are planning a move to London, then be sure to seek the services of the professionals. With the help of highly trained professionals movers, you should not worry about your valuables! You will also receive professional packing of your belongings immediately before departure to the new place, thus only saving money. And as you know, packaging is the hardest part of the relocation process. If you can’t pack  fragile items, the team of  professionals movers  can do it safety and securely. They will also provide you with a boxes and packing materials needed for moving your belongings so you don’t have to worried nothing about. It will be perfectly safe to carry all the appliances you carry with you. You also save money. For safe and reliable delivery to your final destination. Constant contact with the removal consultant will help you plan everything smoothly and stress-free, so that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Professional hammocks will provide you with a full transport of your belongings to yourself. You only need to accept the shipment when it arrives. You are interested in how much it would cost you to trust professional hammocks – all depends on what you carry and how many people you carry.

But you still want to move as fast as you can, but you want to save money, don’t you? Then plan the move in the middle of the week or in the winter months with the help of a team of professionals movers. You will understand that they are an amazing convenience not only if you are planning a move to London, but also for any other place in the world.

Packing Materials

Are you ready to make that dream move to London, for example, or another city. However, be aware that this is not an easy task especially if you organise everything yourself. It’s certainly an exciting experience, but you still have a few final steps to take to reach your cherished goal. This means that if you trust yourself you will have to pack the whole house. Plan packing as early as possible. However, here’s what you need if you’re going to go about organising your home move with both hands:

Cartoon boxes

Packing paper

Packing tape

Markers and labels

Bubble wrap

– Cover suitable for covering boxes of belongings during your move

It would be helpful if you trust professional movers to help with your move. If you manage to find these people you will also be able to save some money on buying the materials you need for the move. Most professional movers today have everything listed above for your convenience. This saves you time and money , saves you the hassle of finding the materials you need for your move. You can also use your leftover materials such as packing tape, old cardboard boxes or your old but still edible markers. So you save money again. Clothes, shoes and other non-breakable items can be placed in a suitcase. In this way you save money on the purchase of strapping materials and you can quickly and easily move even heavy items on wheels. You can just put labels on the suitcases so you know what’s where. Linens and towels can be used to drape over fragile items in suitcases. It’s the same as using a box and wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

Moving Company

Moving to a new city is both exciting and stressful. If you are not well prepared, the move may cost you too much financially. For this, it’s important to find a way to save money when arranging your move. The next tip that you could consider is to look for a company dealing specifically with moving homes. This is the best. Look for this company that will offer you the best price as well as proper insurance for your belongings when moving. This is usually a small amount that you pay into the Moving company once you have negotiated all the options they offer. Choose this Moving company that works without hidden, extra charges even those for taking your belongings and furniture up stairs. If you pack your belongings safely yourself, you will be able to pay a smaller amount to the moving company than relying on them to pack your belongings. The less stuff you move, the less you will pay. You save money when you sell the unnecessary and the old from your home. Even the comfy office chair that you’ll want to replace in 6 months anyway.


Packers and movers

You want to save money when you move to London or another city. Then read this advice! Hire packers and movers that’s it.

1. Ask for the real price.
2. Look for a reliable and secure removal company
3. Ask your friends and neighbours who they would recommend. Take your time and compare any information you receive.
4. Check if your chosen packers and handlers can offer you insurance.5. Anticipate traffic on the roads. For this, it is best to plan a move during the winter season. Make sure you have enough time to travel to your chosen location so that you don’t have to pay extra for the innkeepers to store your belongings in their warehouses. This can also save you money when moving from one point to another.
6. Predict your budget from what to what amount you could afford the services of professional housekeepers. This way, you can again choose the best company to suit your budget and emergency relocation needs.
7. Consider accepting the additional services offered by professional movers?
Packers and movers also offer comprehensive moving quotes. You appreciate each of these offers, which may additionally offer packing, loading, unloading, moving, unpacking and re-stacking. But in case you think you can perform any of these services, then report it to your chosen comp. This is another way to save a small amount of money when planning a move to another city.
Full service packing and moving

Hiring a good moving company is never cheap. However, there are many things you can do to save money when you hire professional movers and packers. Full-service relocation means you, the customer, get the flexibility of services you need from a full menu of relocation services. Unlike services that only load and unload items on and off a moving truck, you can also choose packing (full and partial), unpacking, storage, waste collection, car transport, even moving insurance, and more. If you don’t have time and you are in a hurry to move, you could ask for an individual plan. Either way, if you need a complete package of services for your home relocation surely your chosen moving company will fully accommodate your timeline, budget and preferences.

Packing and unpacking

Keep in mind that packing is only half the work of moving your home. Once you enter a new place, you’ll probably be tired. So, do you really want to take on the daunting task of unpacking all your luggage? That is why it is better to choose those professional movers who offer the packing and unpacking service so that you can immediately settle into your new home rather than having to rearrange it for days.

If you undertake your own packing and unpacking, there is a risk of a house full of boxes ending up in the nearest emergency room. Sure you don’t want exactly that? Leave the heavy items to the professionals. Packing and unpacking are a “dirty” job if you suffer from asthma or a similar ailment? Most home removal companies will dust your belongings for you so that you can move into your new home with peace of mind.
West London

Dynamics, many eateries and historical sites, entertainment of all kinds. That is why London is attractive to many people from all over the world and especially to students. One of the most expensive cities in the world. But be smart and sensible and create your own budget to enjoy life in this city. You know, moving is an expensive pleasure. Moving in West London is one of the happy things that can happen to you. By accepting your move there you save money and, but also many other troubles.

To save money, visit only those places that are free – parks, churches, museums and galleries. Take out your Oyster card, which will allow you to take a subway and bus and travel almost for free, not just in West London. If you are clever enough you can always find great free offers, including free coffees, free food, free cosmetics and free tickets to various events. Shop online and save money too.

End of Tenancy cleaning

I’m sure you’ve ever lived for rent. Or maybe it’s the rent that’s the reason you decided to move into a new home of your own? Surely you know that you need to clean up after yourself when your rent is over. Landlords can be extremely demanding in terms of the hygiene of the property and what kind of property you return it to them. That’s why this advice is – How to save money when cleaning after the rent expires?

Anyone renting a property is required to pay a deposit. Thus, landlords need to be sure that the tenant will fulfil their part of the intended lease. If you take good care of the property, this ensures that the landlord can return the full amount of your deposit when you leave. So taking good care of your property, maintenance and repairs at the end of your lease will save you extra money on a new lease.


After the end of your rental contract, clean the apartment yourself. Minor repairs can also be done on your own and save money in this way. This way you can recoup the full amount of the deposit that you deposited at the beginning of the rent without any problems. At the very least, you will receive this because of the time and effort invested. If you use the cleaning things left in your apartment, you will still save yourself money, as well as the use of the finished household goods provided to you. There are super many things you can use when living in rent instead of buying everything anew. It’s easy to save a valuable amount of money that might make you want to go home someday.

Removals Services

All of you who are planning your move somewhere around London would surely like to save money. Well here’s the answer to how can you save money using relocation services? Start by reducing the load – you can sell or temporarily give excess belongings to neighbours, loved ones and acquaintances. Small items move on your own – this saves money by hiring specialists to help you. The less work they have, the better for you. Provide for yourself boxes, bubble wrap, markers and labels, packing tape. A 500mm 100mm bubble wrap roll costs £36 -70 metres. If you ask for a house survey on site from professional removals company you can have a right estimation of the removals service and fixe price

Stress free moving services

How to move to London without unnecessary stress, and save some money from moving? You can borrow your neighbour’s truck, or rent a truck? Less stress, and more money saved. It is many times cheaper to rent a container to transport all your belongings than to trust a specialized company to organize your entire removal. And the stress here is in times less. You can hire a storage unit which is suitable for your content: Please ask for an offer. This will also save you the stress of loading all your belongings yourself.

However, driving long distances can also be stressful and dangerous. You may suddenly fall asleep at the wheel. For this it is better to trust a removal company, but still you decide best. Are you arranging your home removal?

Assembling and disassemble furniture

Surely you already know that moving home can be both an exciting ending and a huge stress for you and your family. As you prepare for this important event in your life – moving to a new city, be it London, you would certainly like to save some money while moving.

  1. Choose the cheapest option for a home removal company, more so that the services offered by it is better to fit in the amount you can spend on the removal.
  2. Take only the most necessary things for life in the new city. Even organize a garage sale of everything you don’t need or value. Pack your belongings yourself without having to trust specialist packers.
  3. Disassemble anything that can be disassemble such as cabinets, desks, beds. This is neither difficult nor easy. Ask a friend to help you or a kind and helpful neighbour. This way you save an extra amount for the removal and relocation of bulky loads, which if disassembled are easier to carry, and you or another helper saves injuries and trams from the transfer. You do want to save some money, but you also don’t want to end up in a nearby emergency room and ruin your dream of a new home, right?
  4. Entrust the Assembling and disassemble subsequent of individual pieces of furniture to the professionals. You save some money and time, nerves and possible injuries. Specialists usually have a complete set of equipment for each activity.