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Who Needs Home Removal Or  Storage Service And How Does It Work?

Whether you live in a studio flat  or a big house in  London, you know that planning a home relocation in such a big city is a challenge. High traffic streets, difficult landlords, tricky building rules, and other relocation barriers can turn an already stressful moving day into a nightmare.

The home removal service is suitable for anyone wishing to relocate temporarily or permanently in London. Whether a group of students leaving the tenancy or a big family moving to a new house, we, at VP Smart Removals, are here to get the job done for you, in a timely and very professional manner. Here are the steps of how the service works:

Frequently asked questions and answers !


I want to book an hourly rate service, but how do I know how long the move will take?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula that can calculate precisely to the minute how long it will take to complete your service. This is because each move is based on a mix of different components and that is what makes it highly individual. Imagine you are cooking – with the same ingredients you can prepare so many different unique dishes. It is the same with our job too.

Some elements/factors can have a significant impact on the duration of work, such as:

-#1# The volume of furniture and belongings to be moved. The correlation between the volume of items to be moved and the duration of the service is directly proportional. The larger the volume of things you take with you, the longer it will take to move. 

HINT: Try to declutter and leave as much as you can behind. If you are moving on a long distance, in some cases it might be worth to sell the old furniture and with that money and the money you save from the transportation, you can buy new one. 

-#2# –  How will your furniture and belongings be packed?

When it comes time to pack, we humans get pretty resourceful. We put into use all kinds of bags, boxes of all sizes, plastic containers and crates, etc. In reality, the use of multiple boxes of different sizes and irregularly shaped bags can greatly complicate their safe stacking and organasing the van space, which would again increase the duration of the move.  Sometimes having a large number of irregular shaped furniture and bags/boxes would not allow us to use the full capacity of the van and a second load may be needed and that of course would increase the total duration of the service.

HINT: Check if any of your friends moved recently. Perhaps, they will have some spare boxes to share with you. Also, check and ask in the local groups or online platforms for used boxes and packing materials. You will be surprised what can be found there. 

-#3#-Features and specifications of the property you are moving from and to.

 It is extremely important, when you want a quote for moving, to give the consultant as much detailed information as you can. Whether you are moving from a house or an apartment, it is significant for us to know how many floors is the house or if it is a flat then what floor is it on, is there a lift and how big is it. What is the distance from the flat door to the lift and from the lift to the designated parking space. If there are stairs and corridors, are they wide enough for all the furniture to pass through there? If you have not provided complete information, then you risk misleading your consultant and receiving an offer that will not fully meet your needs, which will complicate the implementation and may significantly extend the duration of the service. For example, there is no parking available right outside the property and the nearest parking space is a 100m down the road. Having such a long distance would always require a team of 3 technicians, but if we are not alerted about that and we send you only team of 2 men instead, this would add a few hours extra to your bill.

HINT: It is always helpful to take a short video showing the walking path from the entrance of the property to the designated parking space. It is also worth to speak to the property management and check if they would have any instructions and guidelines about the parking, lifts, etc. 

-#4#-  Assembling and disassembling furniture. 

There are furniture of all styles and ages. Depending on the design of the furniture it can be quite simple or high complicated job to dismantle or reassemble it. For example, an ordinary wardrobe would require 30 minutes to 1 hours for dismantling and reassembling, but if it’s a wardrobe with sliding doors, then it can take 3 hours or even longer. The good news is our technicians are skilled, experiences and always prepared to assist you with that job. 

HINT: When speaking with your removal consultant make sure you point all the furniture that would require help with dismantling and reassembling. 

-#5# – Moving to storage.

It is commonly mistaken that because moving to storage doesn’t require reassembling of furniture, the service will be quick and simple. The truth is some storage facilities are huge and there are long corridors, waiting for the lift and most importantly – “the puzzle”. In comparison with a moving to a house or to a flat, where would be a plenty of space for unloading boxes, furniture, appliances etc., when moving to storage, we are limited to the size of the storage unit. That means we have to unload everything and reorganise it into the storage cell, making sure everything is at the right place and nothing is left outside. Also, moving to storage may require extra packing and protection. 

HINT: If possible, go to the storage at least a day prior the moving and make sure you have signed the contract and have access codes. Any additional information regarding the location of the storage cell (like corridors, floors, size etc.) please share it with us. If you are not sure what size of storage you need, ask your removal consultant. 

Don’t forget to label the boxes and items, that you want to have an easy access to and let the team know it. 

Don’t forget that your removal consultant is your friend and is always ready to help you and answer all your questions.

Get an Estimate

  Contact us in advance to receive a quote from our removals consultants . They will take into account different factors, such as the size of the household, the number of goods, day and time for the move distance ,parking  and more.

Send us short video or pictures of what needs to be moved or packed from our movers and packers.



Plan Your Move

Moving a house is not easy. It requires proper planning and insight from a specialist with extensive experience in the industry. Let us do that for you.

Do not forget-as more accurate information you give us ,the more accurate quote you”ll receive.


Schedule Your Move

If you accept our offer, we will do all the following work (appointments for delivering boxes, packing, and more. On the moving day :Our team will be at the pick up address at time and will take care of the whole process ,so that you can focus on more important things .

Our Best Prices Starting At…

Depending on how complex the job is, we can offer three options: a man and a van, 2 men and a van, and 3 men and a van. You can see the hourly rates below.

Prices Monday – Thursday

1 Man with a Van


2 Men with a Van


3 Men with a Van


3 Men with 2 Vans


4 Men with 2 Vans

£15/h per technician

Stair Charge

from £240*

Hoisting Charge
*charge depends on the number of items that need to be hoisted and the floor

Prices Fri, Sat, Sun

1 Man with a Van


2 Men with a Van


3 Men with a Van


3 Men with 2 Vans


4 Men with 2 Vans

£15/h per technician

Stair Charge

from £240*

Hoisting Charge
*charge depends on the number of items that need to be hoisted and the floor

  • All taxes included
  • Two hours minimum for man with a van
  • There is a 3 hour minimum on all jobs. After the 3 hours, rates will be charged in half-hour increments.
  • For all jobs that require 3 men, the minimum charge is 4 hours.
  • VPSmartServices LTD. has a public and employer’s liability insurance. We have a ‘Goods In transit’ insurance policy – in our hands, your goods are covered up to £50 000.
  • For fixed quotations, we reserve the right to charge additional half-hourly increments.
  • The customer accepts and understands that poor service, breakage or damage must be reported straight after completion of the job. Failure to do so will invalidate the claim. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewellery and items of sentimental value.
  • The company cannot accept responsibility for any accidental damages caused by our movers if the customer has an unpaid balance owed to VPSmartServices LTD.
  • By using our site and services, contacting us by phone, e-mail or any other way, you agree with our “Terms and Conditions”.

  About Our  Removals & Storage  Company -London

For people who desire to relocate from their old house or flat to a new home, we offer outstanding local home moving ,packing, storage and more services in  London and the surroundings. We work hard to ensure the proper handling of all your household items and personal belongings ,with our best prices and services for your house removals in or to London.

How the service is performed

From start to finish, you can expect a superior level of professionalism from the VP Smart Removals team. We understand how the process works, which is why our house removals consist of a few easy and hassle-free steps to turn your relocating into a child’s play:


When you call us, you will speak to one of our removals consultant. Share your house moving needs and get an accurate quote. Alternatively, you can complete our online quote form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


You can send us a video or pictures of what needs to be moved or request a FREE survey. We recommend these for clients who have properties with more than 2 bedrooms or/and require long-distance moving.


On the scheduled day, our movers in London will be at your address at the requested time and take care of everything related to your move so that you can focus on more important things. You can take advantage and combine your home removals service with additional packing. With our high-quality packing materials, your belongings are 100% secured during the transportation to your new location.


Finally, your items will be carefully moved to the new location with the help of our professional team and modern equipment. Quality and your satisfaction are our priorities.

Why Choose Us For House  Relocation In London

Our house  removal services are always carried out by professionals and in the safest way possible. We guarantee that your belongings will arrive safely and in the time frame we promised.Also we have best prices and services for your house removals in London  All this is possible with the help of modern equipped vans and quality packing materials. In addition to quality, we strive to keep our prices affordable. Take advantage today and request a free moving quote from VP Smart Removals!

Additional Services

In addition to our outstanding removals services, we also provide furniture assembly & dismantling, carpet cleaning, move out cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, packing & unpacking,  waste removal, and more. Also with best prices and services for your house removals in London !

Commercial Moves

Equipped with the finest in tools and materials, we are well-prepared to ensure superior results, every single time.

packing & box delivery

Packing, unpacking, and packing materials delivery are add-on services that you can avail from at a very good price. 

Boxes are the most ubiquitous of moving supplies, and the most important. You can’t finish packing if you don’t have any containers to hold your items. In most cases, you’ll probably use corrugated cardboard boxes. However, you should also consider using non-cardboard options such as plastic containers.

Our Amazing Team

We Can Go Everywhere

We Will Do Everything To Exceed Your Expectations

Our Removals Service Comes With Full Safety Guarantee

For A Hassle-Free Relocation, Trust VP Smart Removals

Company features

When you work with VP Smart Removals, you are actually doing business with one of the finest in and around the London area. We have extensively experienced teams, a well-maintained fleet of vans, and prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

satisfaction guaranteed

We are considered one of the most trustworthy in London. See that for yourself by reading our reviews on Google. 

safe transportation

We always take the time to carefully pack your items and transport them safely to your desired destination.

Experienced drivers

It is not only our movers who are extensively experienced and highly trained. Our drivers’ skills are also unmatched.


Here are a few of the most common questions people ask our representatives when calling for a quote:

How much does it cost to move a small flat?

Flat moving is considered a small removal service and it is quite affordable. However, you have to keep in mind that the price for it will depend on a number of factors: the number of bedrooms, the nature of the items, the stairs and steps involved, the distance between parking and the main door, and more.  

When your movers pack my belongings, can they place each item where I desire?

Definitely! Each and every one of your items will be put precisely where you would like it to be, hassle-free. Our movers will do everything necessary to ensure your move goes smoothly.

When should I start planning my relocation?

The best time to start planning is when you have confirmed the transfer of the keys to your new property. Call us for a personal inquiry and our movers will quickly assess your requirements and create a time schedule and give you a quotation.

Do I have to arrange the parking or you will do it for me?

Parking is the responsibility of the customer. You have to make sure you have a permit for the addresses concerned. No removal business in this industry usually takes any responsibility for this. If you cannot get a permit on time, ask your neighbour for a visitor permit to use for that particular day if possible. 

Can you supply bubble wrap and boxes?

Yes. We can supply a full range of packing supplies, whether just a couple of boxes for storage or full moving kits for complete removals. We deliver a wide range of top-quality materials for big and small moves at a very affordable price. All items are brand new. Call for an estimate.  

Should I organize a parking space?

Yes. Every client is responsible for organizing or covering parking space. Also, the parking should be as close as possible to the property.

Do you charge for moving up to stairs?

Yes. For properties without elevator, we charge per technician after the first floor. Charging is only during the loading-unloading process.

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