How much cost roughly to move house in London

How much cost roughly to move house in London in 2022?

Are you moving to London? Want to know how much it will cost you to move your house to the British capital? Before you read some stats or visit platforms where prices are compared, spend a few minutes with us and today’s material.

Within the next few lines, we are not going to name you a concrete removal service London price. It’s kind of pointless, though. Instead, we will highlight how the service cost is calculated because you will agree that the cases are different as the houses, demands, requirements, and routes are also different. Yet, at the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of what you will be charged and how much roughly you will pay at the end of the process.

Average removal costs per hour

Factor number one in the moving houses service cost calculation is the square surface. How big your house is telling you how much you will pay. Usually, the companies provide a price list with tentative figures depending on the property’s number of bedrooms so that you would know what to expect to pay.

Naturally, the bigger the house or apartment, the higher the price. It’s common for the consultant to start the questionnaire during your conversation with this question “How many bedrooms are there on your property?”. Your answer provides them with the decent basic information needed for the company to make a plan for your removal.

The quantity of the bedrooms reveals how big the van is supposed to be and how many men should be included in the team. Of course, the more men in a bigger van, the more you will pay later. Here’s a rough list of the prices:

  • 1 man with a van – £72/H
  • 2 men with a van – £84/H
  • 3 men with a van – £96/H
  • 4 men with a van – £156/H

One conversation is usually not enough for the removal company to arrange and plan your order. It’s very Removal services per hour or fixed travel charge for long distance moves ?

There is no such thing as calculating the final price of the services of the moving house per traveled mile. Yet, the distance between your current location and the last stop in London does matter. Especially now, guys, when the fuel prices jump in a flash of a second.

But the current gas situation has not established such a practice in the industry. It’s always been like that: the company will charge you more case you live far away from London right now. Of course, don’t worry that the man with a van will defraud you by coming up with a non-sense longer route.

On the contrary, the removal technicians are always instructed and well-trained to figure out the most convenient and shorter route to take your personal belongings to your new home place.

What’s included in the service of the moving house?

The basic removal service in London includes a man with a van. Indeed, it is all it takes. It means that the basic price includes someone to load your personal belongings and drive them to London. You might be frustrated now and start worrying about who will help you with the packing or the park reservation.

These guys are here by your side, just like the company’s ad says. The thing is that there are extra services you can order and include in the primary man with a van service, as well as in the final price. Here’s what you can order:

  • Renting or buying boxes for your personal belongings
  • Assistance with the parking space arrangement, including through your local council
  • Packing for the secured arrangement of your items within the boxes
  • Storage service (if you want part of your items to be carried later)
  • End of tenancy cleaning service to get your tenancy deposit back if you live on rent now
  • Other specials like waste removal services, pest control, etc.

Extra factors that affect the moving house London service

essential for the technicians to know all the details, including the least ones, to be prepared.

Of course, these tiny fine points will also affect the final service price. These are factors that might complicate or prolong the process. Here’s the list we are talking about:

  • How soon do you want to move to London? Naturally, for emergency orders, you will be extra charged.
  • When do you want to move to London? Have you ever wondered what the cost for house removal is? It’s a good thing that removal companies in the UK usually work during the weekend and the bank holidays. However, note that on their websites, you will find two price lists. The first one is for a standard service, while the second tells you how much it will cost to move to London on these special days (weekends, holidays).
  • What is the volume of the boxes? Of course, this is the top factor that additionally affects the price as it requires less or more men and a standard or bigger van.
  • Are there any stairs? Oh, yes, the more stairs the men with a van should climb, the more efforts they will perform, which means a higher price, too.

Things that are not included in the price but are free for you

Thankfully, save for factors that will extra charge you, there’s a whole list with free gifts for you. These are specialties provided by the man with a van at zero cost. Of course, the more bonuses there are included in the removal price, the better reputation the company has.

And there’s a tendency according to which many moving houses companies add a lot of such free gifts, yet provide a comparatively higher than the average price on the market. So when you see that something is included in the price, be smart and make the calculations correctly. Here are the extras that are usually for free:

  • Consultation by phone
  • Free quotation
  • Tips by the technicians
  • Time (Extra hours are usually not occasions for extra charging because it is supposed for the team to have made a plan about the process duration with a concrete number of men and vans)
  • Insurance
  • Re-scheduling within a decent period

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