Furniture assembly Ikea and all kinds furniture flat PAC
  1 Man - £20 / h (and enough space for assembly and disassembly)

 House / room to room movement

 2 Man - Min. 2 hours
 £40 / h
 3 Men - Min. 3 hours
 £55 / h
 1 Man with a Van
 £35 / h
 2 Men with a Van
 £50 / h
 3 Men with a Van
 £65 / h
 Packing services - 2 men
 £40 / h

Prices for Friday, Sut, Sun

 1 Man with a Van
 £40 / h
 2 Men with a Van
 £60 / h
 3 Men with a Van
 £75 / h



* There is a 2 hour minimum on all jobs. After the 2 hours, rates will be charged in half hour increments.

* Parking is the responsibility of the customer.

* For fixed quotations, VPSmartServices  LTD. reserve the right to charge additional half hourly increments [rates differ as per slot and day for supplementary items and circumstances not declared during the booking process.

* VPSmartServices  LTD. has a public and employer's liability insurance. We have a 'Goods In transit' insurance policy - in our hands your goods are covered up to £50 000.

* The customer  accepts and understand that poor service, breakage/damage  or theft must be reported straight after completion of the job. Failure to do so will invalidate the claim. Items excluded from liability are: cash, jewellery, items of sentimental value.

* The company cannot accept responsibility for any accidental damages caused by our movers if the customer has an unpaid balance owed to VPSmartServices  LTD.